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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I fly?

We currently fly within the continental United States. We do have some International charter flights planned, please contact us with inquiries.

What type of aircraft can I charter?

We currently fly a Piper Navajo Chieftain (PA31-350) twin engine aircraft that seats up to 9 passengers. This is used for shorter flights. We use several different types of aircraft for longer flights with more passengers.

How much does it cost?

The fee for our Piper Navajo Chieftain is a flat per hour rate. There are additional services and fees such as ground, handling and taxes. please visit our pricing page for more details.

Are there discounts?

ABA offers frequent flyer discounts and package discounts to private parties. There are special rates for brokers and air carriers. Please contact us for more information.

How do I book a flight?

Please fill out our online request for quote form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

What experience does American Business airways have?

The President and Director of Operations, Les Brown has over 15000 flying hours. This experience has been gained in all types of aircraft and operations from light twins flying charter to executive jets and wide body airlines flying all over the world. All of our pilots meet the requirements for the issuance of the Airline Transport Pilot license and receive recurrent training every year and check rides with the FAA or a check pilot every 6 months. In addition, management pilots fly with our pilots on random basis to ensure all pilots are complying with company and FAA procedures.

Do you have security procedures in place?

YES, although we can not describe our procedures for security reasons, our procedures meet or exceed the FAA requirements. For your safety, we can only allow baggage that you bring with you to the flight we cannot accept luggage or packages from a third party.

How often are crew trained?

Our crew members go through an extensive initial training program that includes either a computer flight simulator or a visual or full motion flight simulator. After an initial check ride with the FAA or a check pilot, the crew member then receives yearly training and a twice yearly check ride. In addition to the above, management pilots will fly with our pilots occasionally to ensure FAA and company rule compliance.

Every employee gets recurrent customer service training yearly.

Where is the training conducted?

Our training is conducted in-house. We have a training center in Westland and we then use the airplane for training. The airplane is based at the Oakland County International Airport. If a simulator is available for the airplane, we may use the services of industry training centers for a portion of our training.

What are our policies on flight and duty time limits?

We follow all FAA regulations, and we will work with you to modify the trip to ensure the crew is rested. If the day is too long and we cannot place the pilot in rest due to your trip requirements, we will assign an additional pilot to pick up the trip. In addition, for single pilot operations, we can add a co-pilot to extend the flying hours available. This may add to the cost of your charter, but your safety is our primary goal. Many times, just an adjustment of ground or departure times can solve the problem and allow you to conduct your business.

Who maintains the aircraft?

Our Director of Maintenance oversees the maintenance on the airplane. Some minor inspections are performed in-house but annual inspections and major maintenance are performed at FAA-certified repair stations. The facilities and their personnel must meet training and drug testing requirements just he same as if they worked directly for us. The airplanes are maintained to the manufacturer's 100 hour and annual inspection programs and the engines are overhauled every 1800 hours.

How do we handle maintenance needs that arise during a trip?

The director of Maintenance is involved in the selection of repair facilities to ensure they meet our requirements. The pilots are authorized to obtain minor repair services if they cannot contact the company. If the airplane cannot be repaired in a reasonable time frame, we will work with you to obtain alternate transportation to your departure airport.

Do crew members receive customer service training?

Yes, during initial training and recurrent training, our crews receive customer service training. Most of this training is integrated into our flight crew training program and becomes the culture of our operation. Customer service is second only to your safety, and crews are instructed to place particular emphasis on service, both by asking questions and anticipating your needs.

How is customer satisfaction determined?

You will receive a call from us after your trip is completed to inquire as to how the trip was conducted. In addition, from time to time we may send out a survey. Please fill these out for us, and include any suggestions you might have. In this way, we can improve the product we provide to you.

How soon prior to the scheduled flight will the aircraft be at the airport?

If the departure airport is other than Pontiac, we will strive to have the airplane there 1 hour before scheduled departure. Weather or other delays may shorten this time. If the departure airport is Pontiac and we are picking you up at an fixed base of operation (FBO) on the field, the airplane will be at the FBO 20 minutes before scheduled departure.

To whom should concerns/complaints be directed?

You may direct any comments or concerns you have during the trip directly to your pilot. If your pilot cannot help you, you may call the Duty Officer. This is a company manger or employee tasked with control of your flight, and the Duty Officer has a direct line to the President or General Manager. In short, everyone in the company is tasked with providing for your needs, but you are always welcome to call anyone in management.

What company insures you aircraft?

U.S. Specialty Insurance Company insures our aircraft. We maintain the level of insurance required by the FAA for Air Taxi Operators, as do most of our competitors.

Can we provide a certificate of insurance?

If you need us to, we can provide a copy of the insurance binder. If you just want to inspect the binder, just ask your pilot. A copy is always kept in the airplane.

How will you be accommodated in the event a problem is encountered with a scheduled flight (e.g., ill pilot, mechanical or weather problem where the airplane is not available)?

We maintain working relationships with other operators in the area. We will strive to find another operator to conduct the flight for you. We will try to inform you of a problem as far in advance of your trip as possible, but in the event we find a problem the night before or the day of the trip, you might encounter an unavoidable delay while we obtain a backup operators aircraft.